Industrial Marble Factory

It is a factory that uses the spoil from natural marble blocks … and cracks this lost one into specific sizes … and then shapes it with binder materials and colors … and turns it into an industrial block

Factory area

Height: 120 m
Width: 60 m
Height: 12.15 m
It is located on an area: 7200 M²

Factory lines

Line breaker:

It contains the main crusher, secondary crusher, marble fracture storage rooms, and dust suction units

Block production line:

It contains the mixer, vacuum, and block storage area, in addition to the silos responsible for storing binder materials

Factory productivity

Factory productivity

The production level in the shift is 10 blocks 1060 M²
– The level of production per day is 20 blocks 2120 M²
The level of production per month is 600 blocks, 63600 M²

its production

Factory productivity

-462 White cement block 48972 M²
-224 Black cement block 23744 M²
-29 blocks Rizin 3074 M²
-Total 715 Block 75790 M²