Marble Factories { 1 - 8 }

Marble factory

The factory occupies 30000 square meter and has 6 divisions , 2 stock yards and 2 stores for finished products.

First division:

The factory is equipped with 12 gangsaws to produce 8000 square meters of slabs daily. habitant morbi. Eros donec ac odio tempor. Vulputate enim nulla aliquet porttitor lacus. Magna fringilla urna porttitor rhoncus dolor.

second division:

Have 3 slabs polishing and treatment lines that produce 2000 m2 daily.

Third division:

Has 2 matrix lines to produce 2000 m2 daily and tower 60 slabs epoxy treatment line with a polishing line.

Fourth division:

Has 3 bridge saws and five axis bridge saw addition to 2 water jet machines,2 CNC machines,2 pushhammer, flaming and sand plasting machine for slabs and strips.

Fifth division:

Includes 2 strips processing lines capable of producing thickness of 1-1.5 cm strips with a capacity of 2000 m2

Sixth division:

Has 10 block cutting machines and 2 horizontal splitting machines.


The factory has 2 stock yards for blocks each has 2 gantry cranes and 4 monowire machines for block squaring.


2 stores ( 8000m2) for the finished products are present.